Personal Energy Session

Personal energy sessions are available for individuals to test where their energies are under-charged or over-charged with relaxing techniques to bring those energies back to balance.  This includes learning techniques to use at home.
One hour session = $100.
One and a half hours = $125.
Please contact me for availability and to schedule an appointment.

Office location:
Woodfield Grove Business Center
830 E. Higgins Road, Suite 111Z
Schaumburg, IL 

Skype Energy Session

Skype energy sessions offer one-on-one guidance in the privacy of your home.  Sessions are focused on balancing your personal and unique energy systems.  You will learn energy techniques that will benefit your specific circumstances and needs.  

Energy Medicine Seminars

Introductory courses to Energy Medicine (101 and 102) are offered throughout the year.  Please check the activity schedule for upcoming events.

If you are interested in organizing an Energy Medicine seminar at your local center or having a class taught at your place of business, please contact me for availability and pricing.

Tai Chi Classes

I am currently teaching various levels of Tai Chi in Wheaton.
Classes by Location
Classes by Activity
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